QC Government approves P209 M Supplemental Budget in Support of Quezon City University (QCU)

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QC Government approves P209 M Supplemental Budget in Support of Quezon City University (QCU)


In preparation for the upcoming school year this September, the QCU Board of Regents approved a total of P209 million budget for their learning continuity plan for the school year 2020-2021.

“Aside from providing modules and tablets for our public-school students, we also need to provide for our city’s college students as they too shall adapt the new normal in learning,” QC Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

The mayor who is also the Chairperson of the University’s board of regents shared that the University is preparing to transition to flexible learning modalities which include offline, online and blended learning. One major program that is in the pipeline is the QCU Laptop Loan Program, wherein both students and teachers with limited access to learning devices will be made as beneficiaries of laptops loaned to them during their stay at the University.

“We will still conduct offline classes for technical and practical learning, but we will reduce our class size to only 15-20 students and ensure that safety protocols are in place,” QCU Officer-in-charge Dr. Victor Endriga said.

Endriga also said that funds have also been allocated to the procurement of additional medical supplies and equipment.

The budget will also cover learning management systems for virtual learning, internet connectivity for students and faculty, computer software for all degree programs and online reference materials, and development of academic management systems for online processing of enrollment, etc.

The University which has three campuses located in San Bartolome, San Francisco and Batasan projects a total enrollment of around 9,000 college students.

Since one of the campuses was also used as the city’s quarantine facility, the local government assures students, faculties, and parents that thorough and stringent disinfection will be conducted in and around the campus.

“We will ensure that all classrooms and buildings will be decontaminated prior to the beginning of classes. Health protocols and guidelines will also be implemented to ascertain the health and safety of the school community,” City Education Affairs Head Aly Medalla said.

“We thank the University for serving as a quarantine facility during our battle against coronavirus disease (COVID-19),” Belmonte added.

Hope II Community Caring Facility, currently home to the city’s COVID-19 patients undergoing mandatory quarantine in QCU, is set to be transferred to the newly renovated Quezon City General Hospital Covid19 extension ward with a 300-bed capacity by August 2020.



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