Belmonte reorganizes PLEB to empower QC citizens vs police abuse

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Belmonte reorganizes PLEB to empower QC citizens vs police abuse

Quezon City Mayor Joy Belmonte has issued an Executive Order reorganizing and further strengthening the People's Law Enforcement Board (PLEB), empowering citizens against any abuse committed by policemen.

In her order, Belmonte designated Atty. Rafael Calinisan as Executive Officer of the PLEB, which hears citizens' complaints against any member of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

"Hopefully with the issuance of this Executive Order, residents of Quezon City would become more familiar with the PLEB, and would make use of this mechanism to report erring policemen, if needed,” said Belmonte.

"We concede that policemen are our indispensable partners for peace and order. However, let it be known that in Quezon City, abusive behavior of policemen will not be tolerated,” Atty. Calinisan said.

“Here, what is most important is that we protect and uphold the Constitutional rights of our people. Your People's Law Enforcement Board will make sure of that. We will be fair. But we will administer justice without fear or favor," he added.

Republic Act Nos. 6975 and 8551 mandate the creation of the PLEB, which is authorized by law to mete out heavy penalties against erring policemen.

Among them are withholding of privileges, restriction to specified limits, suspension or forfeiture of salary, or any combination thereof, for a period exceeding thirty (30) days; or by dismissal.

Despite this, Atty. Calinisan said people are not aware of PLEB’s existence and its role in dispensing justice for the victims of police abuse.

"We pledge to make the PLEB relevant and responsive to the needs of the people. There will be swift justice," Atty. Calinisan stressed.


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