QC hires 256 community health workers as contractuals with minimum wage

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QC hires 256 community health workers as contractuals with minimum wage

In a bid to raise the wage of the city’s workers to a livable rate, the Quezon City government recently employed its long-time community health workers (CHWs) as contractuals.

Following the contractual scheme, some 256 CHWs under the health department, who receive a monthly allowance of P3,500 to P7,000 will now be renumerated of at least P13,000 per month.

This follows the legal minimum pay prescribed by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

According to Mayor Joy Belmonte the move underscored the important role of the health workers, and is part of her 14-point agenda which is strengthening the city government’s workforce.

“It is only just that we give them what has been long overdue. Their dedication to the service is deserving of a decent wage that will uplift their quality of life,” said Belmonte.

Dr. Esperanza Arias, head of the City Health Department (CHD), said some of the health workers have been in the service for more than a decade and have played a key role in community-building.

“As volunteers, they’ve taken a fairly big role in taking care of our communities. They act as our citizens’ arms, our eyes and ears. Through their referrals and reporting, the CHD is able to download its programs to the intended residents,” said Arias.

As an example, she cited CHWs are active in the promotion of the city’s program for maternal care, infant immunization, the bed-ridden and homebound elders, and communicable and non-communicable diseases including surveillance.


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