Statement of the Quezon City Government: Lockdown Areas Clarification

Statement of the Quezon City Government:

The Quezon City Government wishes to clarify a news release dated this day, about the City placing on Lockdown additional areas within its jurisdiction. This news is untrue. As of this date, the City has placed only 11 locations in 5 Barangays under Special Concern Lockdown, consistent with local and national guidelines. These areas have been on SCL since May 13. We are not adding as of now, any additional Special Concern Lockdown Areas.

What has been erroneously reported as lockdown areas are actually EECQ areas inside QC Barangays, a strategy developed as early as March of this year together with the DILG and the PNP. The concept of the EECQ is derived from national government guidance stating that when two or more households belonging to one barangay have positive patients, this barangay must be placed under lockdown. Given that Quezon City’s barangays have very large populations thereby making this recommendation challenging to implement, we agreed upon a system in which only areas of the barangay with active cases and its immediate vicinity shall be placed under EECQ. This simply means these areas are subject to tighter checkpoints to ensure that positive patients and suspects on home quarantine (hot zones) are strictly prohibited from leaving their homes, while the movements of those in the immediate environs (warm zones) are strictly monitored. At present there are 34 barangays with EECQ areas. This strategy was in fact even acknowledged by the DILG as a Best Practice of our city and in the NCR region.

We appeal to the media that in the spirit of responsible and accountable journalism to seek clarification with the local government when in doubt, prior to publishing any news items that may cause unecessary panic among our constituents in this time of crisis.

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