Green Building Ordinance of 2009

Category: Green City

In 2009, the Quezon City government approved and enacted Ordinance No. SP-1917, the "Green Building Ordinance of 2009", requiring the design, construction or retrofitting of buildings, other structures and movable properties to meet minimum standards of a green infrastructure, providing incentives thereof and for other purposes".

Green building refers to an integrated whole building approach to the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of buildings and their surrounding land space that help mitigate the environmental, economic and social impacts of buildings. Emphasis is on site conservation and sustainable planning, water conservation and efficiency, energy efficiency and renewable energy; conservation of materials and resources and indoor environmental quality and human health.

The type of whole buildings/structures that are covered by the Green Building Regulations which are classified by the National Building Code, as follows:

green building ordinance.jpg

Those who are planning to construct new building within the coverage above or retrofit existing structures are required to comply with the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the Green Building Ordinance. 

The following items are the mandatory documentation requirements:

There are elective requirements which Department of Building Official (DBO) will evaluate, either for new building construction or retrofitting, refer to the Annex B, item B.2.3 onwards of the IRR.

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