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The Quezon City Government has opened a One-Stop-Shop (OSS) for express processing of building permits and occupancy permits, which will be convenient especially to those building small structures or doing renovations.

The OSS is located at the 14th Floor of the Quezon City Hall main building.

Applicants can start fast on their building permit needs as the evaluators for zoning, Bureau of Fire Protection and the Local building Officials are all in one location. This allows for a single, integrated application process for locational clearance, fire safety evaluation, building permit and ancillary permits.

Besides, applicants only have to go through the easy 4-step application process:

  1. Submit the accomplished application form at the OSS.After 5 working days, the applicant may get the order of payment, if the structure conforms to the approved building plans and is compliant with the Fire Cod
  2. e of the Philippines and the National Bu
  3. ilding Code.Pay at the cashier, which is at the OSS.Claim the locational clearance, fire safety evaluation clearance (FSEC), official receipts and approved
  4. building plans at the Releasing Section of the OSS.

Applicants may also avail of the express processing of their occupational permits and electric meter connections through the MERALCO at the OSS.

The OSS evaluates and processes permits and clearances for the following structures within the maximum floor area of 1500 square meters:

  • Single-dwelling residential buildings of not more than 3-storeys high
    Commercial buildings of not more than 2-storeys high
    Interior renovations within a building which already has building and occupancy permits
    Warehouses of not more than 2-storeys high, which is not for the storage of hazardous and combustible materials


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