QC Starts Using Microchips in Pet Registration


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The Quezon City Government, through the City Veterinary Department, launched on Sept 28, 2018 the microchipping of pets for registration, during the celebration of World Rabies Day at Barangay Marilag in District 3.

Dr. Ana Marie Cabel said this was done as an initial step toward the city-wide implementation of an ordinance that would require all pet owners in Quezon City to have their pets registered and implanted with microchips for easy monitoring.

At least 50 pets were given free microchips during the event.

The microchip, the size of a grain of rice, is injected to the pet. It contains the address of the pet owner and other relevant information such as vaccines administered to the pet. This would make it easier for people to locate the owner of a missing pet.

Dr. Cabel added that each barangay will be given a scanner to be used in determining whether an animal or pet has already been implanted with a chip. She added it will also be useful in finding missing pets.

Last month, the department also renewed its partnership with Humane Society International with Humane Society International, a global animal protection organization for collaboration on the mass vaccination drive at District 2.

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The partnership enabled the City Government to implement its massive anti-rabies program using a GPS guided tracking tool of Humane Society International. The smartphone app records vaccinations and geo-tags locations where vaccination has been conducted.

Dr. Cabel said they have already vaccinated about 12,000 dogs, out of the 100,000 in the district. District 2 and 5 have the highest number of dog population in the city as well as rabies cases.

This year, rabies cases in the city have dropped by about 60 percent due to the mass vaccination campaign, Cabel added.

Last year, Quezon City received recognition from the Bureau of Animal Industry and the National Rabies Prevention and Control Committee for implementing the Best Rabies Program among LGUs in the National Capital Region.


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