QC Opens Museum for Philippine Democracy

The Quezon City Government, led by Mayor Herbert M. Bautista together with city officials, opened a new museum at the Quezon Memorial Circle on March 4, 2019, which highlights the contribution of ordinary Filipinos in the struggle to attain freedom and democracy in the country.

The museum, a replica of the Aquino home, depicts the historical journey of the Filipinos to establish a Philippine Republic, with women, indigenous groups, religious and the labor sector making their contributions to the struggle.
A time line also showed the various episodes of Philippine history starting with the Basi Revolt of 1807 to the ‘Million People March’ in 2013.


The museum also has several collections of images and memorabilia depicting democracy in the country including two sets of wooden printing sets, a coil of barbed wire from the People Power days, Sakdalista documents and papers from the early days of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (Aglipayan Church).

Three maps displayed in the museum show the location of several sites of historical importance in the city.
Mayor Herbert M. Bautista said the museum is envisioned as a multiple site museum to be developed in several locations within QC.

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