Occupational Permit

STEP 1: Go to BPLO and show proof of payment of Health Card (show your Health Card if available; if it is still being processed, you can show your receipt or Order of Payment for the Health Card)
STEP 2: Present all needed requirements at BPLO
STEP 3: Get your Order of Payment for the Occupational Permit Card and pay at the City Treasurer's cashier
STEP 4: Have your picture taken at BPLO for your Occupational Permit Card (Windows 9/10)
STEP 5: Your card is ready for pick-up
* NBI or Police Clearance (latest)
* Cedula
* Health Card or Health O.R.
* Yellow Card (entertainers/therapist)
* Waivers for PRC Holders
* Parent’s Consent (for minors)
* A.E.P. (Alien Employment Permit for Foreigners)
* Additional requirements for employees below 18 years old:
a. Parental consent
b. Birth certificate/baptismal certificate
c. Valid ID of parent/giving consent
Any person who shall exercise his/her occupation or calling, wherein periodic inspection, surveillance and/or regulation are required, shall pay an annual fee, as follows:

1. ONE HUNDRED FIFTY PESOS (Php 150.00) - Actor, Actress, Auctioneer, Band. Combo Leader, Bondsman or Bondswoman, Club Singer, Hospitality Girls and/or Hostess, Flight Attendants, Forensic Expert, Handwriting Expert and similar calling, Professional Sports Players, Movie, TV and Stage Director, Driving Instructor, Martial Arts/Music/Dance Instructor, Bar or Floor Manager, Animal Trainer, Masseur Attendant, Sales Agent, Detail man, Receptionist, Radio Technician, Insurance Adjuster, Insurance Agent, Pormoter/Sponsor (boxing or show), Embalmer, Production Crew (Movie, TV, Video Outift), Promo Girls, Merchandiser, and such similar, allied or related occupational or calling as that enumerated above.
2. SEVENTY FIVE PESOS (Php 75.00) - Barber, Bartender, Beautician, Butcher, Chambermaid, Cook, Fortune Teller, Golf Caddie, Hairstylist, Lifeguard, Make-up Artist, Manicurist, Master Cutter, Photographer, Waiter/Waitress, Security Guard, Watchman, Electrician, Plumber, House Painter, Mechanic, Tourist Guide, Technician, Taxi Driver, Stage Performer, Crew (Kitchen, Pantry, Service Counter), Cashier, Sales Clerk, Bagger, Porter, Usher, Usherette, Guest Relations Officer, Delivery Crew, Mechanic, Workers under the employ of Recruitment Agencies.
3. The above imposition shall not include managers, laborers, clerks of employees/workers, Covered by the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement) and employee/employer relationship, PROVIDED, that an additional twenty (Php 20.00) pesos shall be collected for the photo taken by the BPLO. (City Ordinance No. SP-91, S-93. Sec. 83)

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